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Julia Fox Wore A Matter Of Two Latex Outfits While Going About Her Daily Business In Los Angeles

In a barely-there latex attire that exposed more skin than it covered, the ” Uncut Gems ” actor went out to conduct errands in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Fox displayed her abs, legs, hips, butt, and cleavage in the shiny two-piece costume, which was primarily made of slits instead of actual stuff and linked together by metal rings.

She wore her now-famous heavy black eyeliner and sported a Balenciaga purse while accessorizing with a pair of latex heels.

Fox has been out of the public eye for a few weeks now, but most recently, she ignited social media with a pair of dangerously low-rise jeans that she subsequently said she had to “shave around.”

In defense of the contentious outfit, Fox asserted that “there’s much more to life than pursuing an unattainable standard of beauty put upon me by insecure celebs for the ultimate objective of impressing men” and added that those who don’t comprehend it are “dumb and lazy.”

One supporter tweeted that Julia Fox “woke up and declared ‘y’all bitches could never'” in reference to her most recent appearance.

Another person wrote, “She’s here! And covered in clothes hangers and rubbish bags!”

Among Fox’s other recent provocative designs include a leather jacket that was literally set on fire, a pair of butt-baring pants with a rear lace-up, a DIY top and skirt combination constructed from a cut Hanes tank, and much more. In May, she went grocery shopping while just wearing Alexander Wang underpants, demonstrating that the store doubles as her bedroom in addition to serving as her ramp.

In a previous post, Fox, 32, revealed on Instagram that she had to “shave around” the low-slung look to prevent over-promising.

Additionally, she claimed that only “one hook” was keeping her eye-catching Liza Keane pants up, which she wore with a black bikini top and beachy waves.