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Johnny Depp Is Back To Acting After Amber Heard Trial

Johnny Depp is one of the most legendary actors in Hollywood, known for bringing many iconic roles to life in various franchises including his most famous role Captain Jack Sparrow, and others like Edward Scissorhands and even The Mad Hatter in Alice in The Wonderland franchise. However, recently, the actor’s career took a strong hit as his name was thrown in the middle of a huge controversy involving his ex-wife Amber Heard . Amber wrote an op-ed where she claimed that she had been a victim of domestic abuse and while she didn’t mention her ex-husband Johnny by name, everyone assumed that it was Johnny who inflicted the abuse. The controversy resulted in Johnny losing all his major acting roles and his career coming to a complete halt.

Recently, Johnny sued Amber for defamation to which she counter-sued him but after weeks of a very public trial, the jury in the case decided that Amber was guilty of defamation and cleared Johnny’s name.

Despite winning the case, many argued that Johnny’s career was over and he would not be returning to acting any time soon but Depp has proven all his doubters wrong, as a new image has made its way to the internet of Johnny all dressed up in his latest role of King Louis XV in the upcoming film Jeanne du Barry.

The image shows Johnny fully dressed as the monarchs of the old days, complete with a wig, a hat, and some very fancy robes. The image also shows Johnny wearing a blindfold which is probably a reference to some plot details of the film or some detail about the character. King Louis XV was prominently known as a corrupt French monarch whose wasteful ways are what led to the downfall of the French Monarchy and eventually to the French revolution. Hence, the blindfold may well represent the controversial King’s blind eye toward his own corrupt and incompetent ways of running the country.

As Johnny’s first major role ever since the defamation trial which Johnny claims gave him his life back, the announcement of the film has gotten loyal fans of Johnny excited.