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Joe Keery Does Not Get The Hype Around Steve Harrington’s Hair From Stranger Things

Stranger Things is the most popular show on Netflix and possibly on the entire planet right now. The show first began in 2016 and after 4 seasons (with a 5th and final one on the way) the show has become the most watched English program on Netflix and holds the distinction of being nominated for 51 Emmys. While the show has an excellent storyline and concepts, a lot of the credit for its success has to go to its incredibly lovable characters.

One of the most lovable characters on the show is Steve Harrington who is played by Joe Keery. The character was first introduced in season 1, in a much different light than he is seen in now. The character was introduced as a kind of bully at first but later transitioned into what is best described as an iconic bada** babysitter for all the other younger characters on the show.

While the creators of the show initially intended to kill Steve off in season 1, they are not glad that they didn’t as Steve has quickly turned into one of the most beloved characters of the show. Everything about Steve is loved by the fans and while the character has many likable qualities, somehow at the top of that list is Steve’s hairdo.

Steve has a very distinct 80s hairstyle that has become his signature and fans cannot get enough of it. It is the subject of much adoration and sometimes obsession from fans and Joe cannot entirely understand why that is so.

While speaking to The Daily Beast, Joe expressed his thoughts on the matter in the following words:

“It’s really ridiculous. It’s not something I have control over. It’s just internet fodder that’s carried over and is now attached to me. I can’t really knock it. I have a career, so I have to be like, “Who cares? I’ll take it.” But it’s also not something I care about at all. Still, people seem to really care about it and fixate on it, for whatever reason. It’s so stupid, honestly.”

While Joe doesn’t entirely understand the obsession, the fans do and it is here to stay.