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Joaquin Phoenix’s Sequel To Joker May Be A Musical Starring Lady Gaga

The Joker solo film directed by Todd Phillips came out in 2019 and became an instant hit with fans and critics alike. The film had much hype built leading up to its release but no one could have imagined the film becoming the pop culture phenomenon that it ended up as.

The film saw Joaquin Phoenix taking on the role of the iconic batman villain. The film took a very realistic approach towards the character really addressing the mental health problems experienced by the character in depth. The film kept the Joker as the sole focus of the movie not bothering to try and tie it to any greater universe of any kind.

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Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was appreciated greatly by fans, critics, and other actors, and ended up winning him an academy award. The film ended up making more than $1 billion worldwide.

With such a raging success of the film, a sequel was bound to be given the green light, and eventually, it was.

For quite a while, there was not much known about the sequel and what it will be about but now rumors and reports are beginning to emerge about the details of the sequel.

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According to various reports, the sequel of the movie will be a musical. it is a very interesting choice and not too surprising since the first movie had quite a bit of focus on some musical and dancing elements.

In addition to that, reports are saying that the movie will be casting singer Lady Gaga possibly for the role of Harley Quinn, Joker’s long-time love interest from the comics.

The reports also suggest that much of the movie’s plot will be heavily associated with the Arkham Asylum, an iconic location from the comics which is known for housing many batman villains and is also historically known as the place where Harley first meets Jokers while she is her doctor but eventually he makes her fall in love with him.

Since the end of the first movie left Joker in Arkham, these reports seem to make sense to fans but they will have to wait a long time to know for sure because the movie has a tentative release date of 2024 at the moment.