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Jessie James Decker’s Family Breakdown: Sister Sydney, Brother John, More

There may no longer be reality TV cameras following Jessie James Decker, but her fans are still keeping up with her and her family.

The “I Need A Man” singer and her husband, former NFL player Eric Decker, documented their lives for three seasons on E!’s Eric & Jessie. The couple, who wed in 2013, share three kids: Vivianne (born in 2014), Eric Jr. (2015) and Forrest (2018).

Jessie’s family also includes her two siblings — Sydney Rae Bass (née James) and John James. While Sydney was frequently featured on Eric & Jessie (and all over her sister’s social media), speculation that there was a falling out between Jessie and John has made headlines for years after she (and their mother, Karen Parker) appeared to unfollow her brother and his wife, Ali James (née Green), on Instagram.

John finally addressed the family feud in May 2022, revealing that he recently saw the Kittenish designer and Sydney for the first time after not talking for years.

“With Sydney, [we picked up] right where things left off. You know, we were having fun, joking, being stupid like we always have historically together. But it wasn’t until a couple of days after that we actually saw Jess. And it was just very cordial for the sake of my mother, I’d say. There was definitely no heart to hearts or anything,” John said on the “The Spillover” podcast.

John, who didn’t go into specifics about their estrangement, said he previously didn’t think there was “a chance at all” that he would be in the same room as his siblings and mother until Parker asked to see her seven grandchildren for her birthday in April 2022.

“[My mom] wanted us to all be together for our birthday and I was really on the fence about going because I just didn’t want to go and then it be awkward — granted, you know, some of us haven’t talked in years,” he explained. “But we decided to do that for her. And it was honestly amazing. It was amazing, not only for us, but for the kids as well, like seeing all the kids play together was … it sounds silly to say, but it felt like a dream come true.”

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