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Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker’s Family Photos Over the Years

The darling Deckers! Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker are loving life with their three kids.

The country singer and the professional football player wed in June 2013 in Colorado, becoming parents the following year when their daughter, Vivianne, arrived. Jessie gave birth to sons Eric and Forrest in 2015 and 2018, respectively.

In January 2020, the Kittenish creator exclusively told Us Weekly why she and the athlete weren’t on the same page about having a fourth child.

“He just loves our babies so much. He wants more,” the Italy native said of Eric. “I told him he’s got to just hang on for a minute there. I’m not sure that’s in the cards for us, but you never know. He doesn’t want to permanently do anything about it, so he is leaving things open. I’m not, but he is.”

The Just Feed Me author explained that their family of five had a “good rhythm,” adding, “I feel like we’re good right now. We’re good at where we are. We’re busy enough. We have so many things going on.”

Jessie told Pop of the Morning that same month that she wanted Eric to get the “snip snip.” She said, “He said he doesn’t want the power taken from him yet. I’m like, ‘What do you mean? You’ve already shown your power. We have three.’ He’s like, ‘It’s just a lot to take away from my manhood right now and I’m not ready.’”

By the following year, the Minnesota native was planning to get a vasectomy.

“I’m going to be real with you, he has a doctor’s appointment to go be done with it, to get snipped,” Jessie revealed exclusively to Us in January 2021. “I don’t know how I feel about it. I keep thinking, ‘He’s going to wake up that morning to go to the hospital and I’m just going to cry.’ … We’re going on vacation soon and maybe, you know, [there] might be a drunken night. Who knows?”

While the procedure would be “reversible,” the Just Jessie author told Us, “Forrest was the caboose. Three is a great number, but I feel like I might get a little Joanna Gaines feeling later on in my 30s and be like, ‘Shoot, let’s have one more.’ I just don’t know that I’m ready for him to make it so permanent.”

Keep scrolling to see her and Eric’s most adorable photos with Vivianne, Eric and Forrest.