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Jessica Alba Has Spoken Up About Growing Up In Survival Mode And The Story Is Heartbreaking

Jessica Alba is one of the most famous actors we know in the world. She’s one of the few women in acting that have worked hard to get where they are. She’s known and admired for her many movies and tv roles. Because of her acting career, she’s built up a huge fanbase over the years.

However, even the strongest come from hard pasts. And Jessica Alba is no different. She recently spoke about her life before she was an actor. She spoke about how growing up with few resources caused her to be determined to be successful and famous.

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She mentioned that her parents had not had a safety net but they had only been living paycheck to paycheck. She said that while she had grown up in those circumstances, she always wanted to keep herself above them and make something of herself.

Jessica Alba first began acting at the young age of 11. She mentioned that at that time no one had any expectations for her so she was not afraid of failing. They had simply said that this was her life and she chose for it to not be as she grew up. She mentioned that she was tired of being in survival mode all the time and that she made the decision to change that for herself.

And it seems she’s stuck to her word. Over the years, Jessica Alba has been awarded many different kinds of awards such as an MTV Movie Award. She’s also turned herself into a businesswoman and has three beautiful children.

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She has her brand called “The Honest Company” which makes clean baby and beauty products. The company also makes excellent cleaning products. She decided to go forward with launching the company after she had an allergic reaction to several hair-care and styling products.

About her company, she says “I approached it the way I approached Hollywood, which was that I just did it. You have to be relentless.”


Fans have been heartbroken to hear how Jessica Alba first came into acting however they are very proud of her for how she is succeeding. Fans of Jessica Alba’s always support her and believe that she can do anything she wants to.