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Jennifer Lopez Displays Fashionable Printed Summer Pants That Look Great On Every Body Type

The pop queen who wed Ben Affleck last weekend is still hard at work in the dance studio. Every morning at the door to a Los Angeles fitness center, reporters who have memorized J. Lo’s itinerary keep an eye on her.

She finished off her sporty look with a big Birkin purse, hefty white sneakers, and a pair of gigantic black sunglasses.

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A white t-shirt with the slogan “Love > Fear” tied at the stomach like Kim Kardashian likes to do and slim flared trousers with a stylish blue ethnic print were the star’s ensemble when she emerged from the car today, drawing admiration from fans and photographers.

Earlier, The actress signed her message, “With love, Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck,” so that her followers would know she used her husband’s last name.

Following the heartfelt statement on the website, pictures from the long-awaited wedding with the newlyweds looking wonderfully pleased appeared on social media.

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The actress also shared a photo taken the morning after her wedding night on her Instagram page, in which Jennifer is luxuriating in bed and flaunting a brand-new smooth gold engagement ring.

In a previous post, Recall that the couple met while working on the set of the movie Gigli in 2001. Chris Judd, Lopez’s second husband, was her spouse at the time. Following the divorce of the pop diva in June 2002, J. Lo and

Ben Affleck started dating. The actor got engaged to his girlfriend in the fall, but the wedding was postponed because of “heavy media attention.” Early in 2004, the “Bennifer” duo was formally dissolved.


Beginning in 2021, they entered a new phase of their relationship. On the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival in September of that same year, Jennifer and Ben enjoyed their first public appearance together. Affleck presented his beloved an engagement ring that had a rare green diamond in the spring of 2022.