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Ivana Trump’s Burial At Trump’s Bedminster Golf Course Is Allegedly Done Thus In Order To Benefit From The Tax Break Provided To Cemeteries

The ex-wife of Donald Trump passed away on July 14 at the age of 73. She gave birth to three children for him, and just recently, the entire family traveled with her to another planet.

Ivana’s whereabouts were revealed shortly after the funeral when a picture of her grave went viral online. In reality, the ex-wife of the former president found her final haven on the grounds of his golf club in New Jersey. The woman is currently taking a nap beneath the trees near the golf courses.

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It didn’t take long for the ” noble ” version of events to emerge: Donald Trump had been preparing to set up a family cemetery on the grounds of the golf course for several years.

Later, as a real businessman, he decided to broaden his plans and provide members of his exclusive club access to the green lawn in exchange for expensive fees.

These members would play on the grass. Trump has been granted permission to arrange 300 funerals since 2017. The locals have previously voiced their opposition to Donald’s plans to erect a mausoleum for the Trump family there.

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The most intriguing part is that a business owner might significantly reduce their tax burden by using the grave of their ex-wife Ivana and other golf club members. Trump is excused from transferring at least $80,000 a year to the treasury because no land tax is collected from graves.

A group of activists known as indecline broke into the property after hours and erected a mock graveyard on the first anniversary of Trump’s inauguration as president. The loss of “decency” and “our future” was memorialized with headstones.


Grave New World was the title of the work. According to a group representative, reading about Trump’s intentions for a cemetery on the property gave them the idea for the project.