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‘Is This a Joke?’ Southern Charm’s Naomie and Whitney Hookup Causes a Stir

Rocking the boat! Naomie Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith’s hookup revelation shook the Southern Charm cast — and Craig Conover had a strange way of handling the news.

“Why did everybody get so drunk at a dog wedding?” Naomie, 29, asked Leva Bonparte during the Thursday, August 18, episode of the Bravo series following the puppy nuptials for Little Craig and Peaches one night earlier.

While Leva, 43, and Austen Kroll agreed that the party —which fans watched play out on the August 11 episode — left them with massive hangovers, it was Naomie who went home with someone unexpected.

“Speaking of the dog wedding, I didn’t tell you, but right after, I did kiss Whitney,” Naomie confessed to her costars on Thursday’s episode. “It was fun. … He spent the night here.”

The Bourbon N’ Bubbles co-owner was thrown off by her friend’s omission, saying, “You were, like, spooning with Whitney and you didn’t f—king tell me?”

Austen, for his part, fired back, “Wait a minute. Wait a minute. This is juicy, I love this.”

Naomie and Whitney’s night together didn’t stay a secret long, either, as the crew drove to Yemassee, South Carolina, for a weekend away.

The Kings Calling Brewing Co. founder, 35, hilariously pointed out that the lavish Frank Lloyd Wright house — which is owned by Whitney’s friend — was exactly what he’d imagine from the Southern Charm producer, 54.

“This house is perfectly set up for Whitney’s aesthetic: ‘70s porno house,” Austen told the cameras, before pointing out how obvious it was that Naomie and Whitney had been intimate.

The “Pillows and Beer” podcast cohost added: “I’m trying so hard not to look at Leva. A secret like this [will come out in] 24 hours. That’s the grace period. I already told Shep [Rose] and Taylor [Ann Green].”

Moments later, Taylor, 27, and Shep, 42, spilled the beans to Olivia Flowers after noticing how Whitney played favoritism toward Naomie while assigning out the rooms.

Venita Aspen, meanwhile, was stunned when she learned of the hookup. “Naomie, you are crème de la crème. Why are you hooking up with Whitney?” she said during a confessional. “Is this a joke?”

Craig, 33, was equally as surprised to hear that his ex-girlfriend, whom he dated for three years until parting ways in 2017, was shaking up with his close friend. “That stinks. [To] go from me to Whitney,” the Sewing Down South founder told Austen of the news. “It’s just not that fun.”

The Delaware native’s shade didn’t stop there. He had a blowout fight with both Shep and Whitney during the group’s pre-dinner bonfire later that evening — and things didn’t end on a positive note.

Southern Charm airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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