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Irv Gotti’s First Kiss With Ashanti Has Been Making Headlines As He Recalled The Moment In A Recent Documentary

Celebrities have relationships that often stay in the public eye. While it may get a little hard for their privacy, it helps the fans see deeper into their relationship and enjoy cute moments with them. However, sometimes the moments shared can be disturbing and a little creepy.

Irv Gotti, who is the co-founder of Murder Inc Records, has released a new documentary called “The Murder Inc Story”. The documentary follows his life and the struggles that his company faced as it was being formed. The documentary has gained a lot of attention from people as they look into what went into him making his company.

In the third episode, Irv talked about his meeting and first kiss with Ashanti . He and his ex-wife Debbie Lorenzo had been separated at that time when he had first met Ashanti. He mentioned that she had been coming to the studio for quite a while and their bond had been growing.

He spoke about how long it had taken him to make a move on Ashanti. He said “She used to wear these Juicy sweats and her a– was looking fat. So one day I was like ‘Yo, I’ll take you home.’ She said ‘bet, cool.’ Walk her to the front door of her crib. She turns to say goodbye. I just kissed her and grabbed her a–… It was like what took you so long.”

Fans who watched this episode were very concerned with the remarks that Gotti had made. The situation seemed highly disturbing and fans voiced their opinions on his comments. Many fans believe that Gotti is obsessed with Ashanti in an unhealthy way. The remarks made had many people feeling uncomfortable.

Fans are also annoyed at Gotti constantly mentioning their favorite singer to stay relevant. One fan even noted how Ashanti had not reacted to this whole mess and was just living her best life. Fans believe that Gotti should move on now because their original romance started decades ago. However, it doesn’t seem like Gotti is willing to let it go so easily.