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International Cat Day Is Commemorated By The Stalker 2 Studio With A Terrifying New Creature

It describes the freak as “a particularly sneaky and agile mutant.” “Its rumors were dismissed for years as nothing more than urban legends.

The neck sacs that give Bayun its name enable the creature to mimic a wide range of sounds, even human speech.”

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The bayun possesses glaring green eyes (when it has eyes, that is) and yellowed fangs that are exposed in an abhorrent grin. It is also depleted, denuded, and seeping through open sores.

But those neck sacs and the mimicking they allow commitment to making it truly horrifying. Veterans of the Zone may recall the sound of a baby softly whimpering in the shadows of a subterranean lab that had been forsaken and how that finally turned out.

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I won’t elaborate, but I will freely admit that when that whole event happened, I shrieked like a group of terrified piglets because that shit was so horrible.

The bayun is made worse by the fact that it is a cat. Cats are capable of a staggering variety of vocalizations, which those who don’t own them may not be aware of.

For those of you not acquainted with the Oh Long Johnson meme, get ready for this: My own cat has a gut-curdling howl she lets out a few times a month when interacting with her favorite toy (which is doubly bizarre considering normally, she scarcely makes any noise at all).

That is the bayun, so picture it as radioactive, ravenous, enraged, and perhaps the size of a huge dog. There’s a chance they didn’t likely show up in the game: Since there are already too many issues to handle in the Zone, I wouldn’t mind if this was simply some lighthearted concept art.

However, cats have inadvertently made appearances in the Stalker series in the past: The Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky games featured them as a mounted animals, while textures and sound files for “actual” in-game cats are also there, according to the Stalker enthusiast wiki.