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Including The Introduction Of A New Ranked Game Mode, Player First Games Presents Its Preliminary MultiVersus Season One Roadmap

The launch of Season 1 of MultiVersus, the platform fighting game‘s ongoing stream of fresh content, had to be postponed, according to creator Player First Games, who made the announcement last week.

New faces Rick and Morty, and the Season 1 battle pass, were among the postponed material. The future MultiVersus balance patch’s status is similarly uncertain.

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Player First is currently in progress, even if the premiere date for Season 1 is tentative. An incomplete Season 1 roadmap, which introduces a brand-new Ranked game option, has finally been made public.

The first significant live event for MultiVersus as part of EVO 2022 has just come to a close. Considering the significance of the occasion, it is no surprise that Player First chose to make a statement while it was taking place.

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However, the timing of the news was problematic, nevertheless, due to the delay of Season 1. The outcome is a rough schedule for Season 1, which is currently in development. However, the roadmap indicates that MultiVersus will get some intriguing new content.

Launching a Ranked mode is the first significant revelation of the MultiVersus Season 1 roadmap. The graphic suggests that this “New Ranked Mode” would be a ladder of one-on-one combat.

Unfortunately, ranked play is not yet available in MultiVersus’ ongoing Open Beta, although it does have MMR for skill-based matchmaking. But given how popular thoroughly ranked modes are, it’s not surprising that Player First is giving them priority while the Open Beta is still in progress.

A Classic Arcade Mode is the second thing the roadmap offers. It’s speculated that this is a classic game mode with a Players vs. AI ladder, potentially similar to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Classic game mode.

However, the roadmap artwork suggests that the ladder can be played as a team. Near the time of the Original Game Mode’s debut, more details will probably be released.