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In The Wake Of Emily Ratajkowski’s Divorce, Sebastian Bear-McClard Has Out His Own Business

After Sebastian Bear-McClard was fired out of his own company due to supposed “complaints regarding his behavior,” Emily Ratajkowski made the decision to divorce her shortly ex-husband.

It was discovered that he had been dismissed as a result of being sued by his own employer at the same time that I had decided to file for divorce. “Complaints over his conduct.”

In an interview with Page Six, Bear-McClard claims that he has not been dismissed and that he has taken time to care for his ailing mother. The “Uncut Gems” producer, who helped start Elara Pictures, was reportedly fired from the company last month, according to an insider.

Along with Josh, Benny, and producer Oscar Boyson, Bear-McClard, 41, founded the business in 2014. The model and “Good Time” producer reportedly had an affair, and Page Six broke the story first in July. Yes, the insider told Page Six, “He deceived.” He repeatedly cheats. It stinks. He’s a canine.

In the wake of Emily Ratajkowski’s divorce, Sebastian Bear-McClard has out his own business. By favoriting tweets regarding Bear-adultery, McClard’s Ratajkowski, 31, appeared to validate the news.

One brief tweet that received support from the EmRata herself stated, “Can’t even believe that little bitch screwed on emrata.” After being friends for a time but just dating for two weeks, the couple was wedded in February 2018. In March 2021, their son Sylvester was born. Bear-McClard has reportedly been pleading with her to give him another chance, quoted as saying Page Six in the past.

However, she performed her own research and found even more s-t he did behind her back, so it’s “not going to occur.” Bear-McClard was fired, according to reliable sources; Elara refuses to comment on the matter.

I’m not an employee of the organization, Bear-McClard explains; I’m an owner. I’m taking some time off from work to attend to my mother’s health and my family’s welfare.