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In The Jokers Sequel, Lady Gaga Will portray Harley Quinn

It has only been a few days since Variety informed “Joker” fans of the anticipated release date for the film’s sequel. Still, other information about it is already starting to emerge.

Warner Bros. will release the movie in theatres on October 4, 2024. There have long been allegations on the network that the Hollywood actor hides the fact that he signed a deal for three paintings, but Joaquin Phoenix will still play the lead role in it, even though he was unsure about the release of the second half of the movie six months ago.

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According to Variety journalists, the new “Joker,” will be substantially different from the previous version; it will still be a drama, but this time it will also be a musical.

A reasonable argument can be made that the producers chose this since the first film’s music, the creator of which, Hildur Gudnadouttir, won an Oscar, was one of its major selling points.

Joaquin Phoenix, who played the major role, was not left out either; he got a trophy and recognition from the Film Academy for “Best Actor.”

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There are no unique plot changes planned for the new segment, despite the fact that Todd Phillips’ Joker ended up being significantly distinct from other comic book movies.

As a result, fans have been debating for a long time about which actress will play Harley Quinn, a psychiatrist who was intended to be the Joker’s patient but instead fell in love with him and assisted in his escape from Arkham Asylum.

Fan forums started to speculate that Lady Gaga would be cast in her role as soon as the release of the new part was officially announced.


And the film’s creators acted quickly to corroborate this rumor: They shared a little video and the first promotional shot, in which the American singer is only partially visible. And if comic book readers once believed.