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In New York City, Tom Holland And Zendaya Choose A Takeout Meal

On a stroll across Manhattan with Tom Holland and his brother Harry, Zendaya was captured by paparazzi.

The actress opted for a straightforward outfit for an informal farewell, choosing an oversized t-shirt with a graphic pattern from her boyfriend’s closet, dark wide-leg pants, and a pair of timeless Converse high tops.

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She was carrying lunch bags from a nearby restaurant as she wore her curly hair back in a big knot and was nominated for a 2022 Emmy Award for Euphoria. Tom also made the decision to forgo choosing a set and sported a vivid orange T-shirt and loose grey pants.

Remember that the couple frequently gets together while the actor is filming in New York. Holland is presently working on the Apple TV + project Crowded Room, in which he also stars as the lead character. Zendaya’s pregnancy rumors were even denied by the celebrity couple in June.

In a previous post, One social media account posing as Zendaya’s official page posted an article with an ultrasound image of a baby in it. Zendaya is a 25-year-old actress.

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Everything was said in a way that suggested the star of the television series “Euphoria” is expecting, most likely from her boyfriend Tom Holland, who has frequently expressed his love for kids and wants to become a father.

After TikTok users used this information, it then emerged on Twitter and went viral. Since Zendaya did not appear pregnant at a recent Time 100 gala, fans were astounded and could not comprehend what was occurring.

Although the actress started to frequently skip social gatherings and give an excuse about how busy she was on set, this led the star’s fans to assume the rumors were genuine.


They also started meticulously examining old photos of the actress, on which it is allegedly still possible to see her round tummy.