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In His First Performance Following The Diagnosis Of Ramsay Hunt, Justin Bieber Thanks The Crowd For Having Me Back

In an effort to make his stage comeback, Justin Bieber performed on August 1 in Italy while attending the Lucca music festival.

His Justice World Tour had to be postponed, and here is his first live performance since that news broke on June 10. When Justin performed, his wife Hailey Baldwin was there to support him.

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She was spotted working behind the scenes at the event and subsequently said on social media about Justin’s performance on stage, “One thing I always knew for sure is that this guy cannot be kept.”

“Guys, I missed you,” Bieber said to the crowd. In response, his followers acknowledged on social media that they had somehow managed to miss his ferocious on-stage dances.

Justin made the decision to put the tour, which included stops in the US and other nations, on hold indefinitely. He was diagnosed with a serious illness before this occurred.

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The artist is currently attempting to lead a regular life again. Bieber is receiving therapy and wishes for a quick recovery. He will perform five more gigs in Europe in August before moving on to South America.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is the illness that Justin Bieber was diagnosed with. He disclosed on his official website in the first half of June that he suffered a viral infection-related unilateral facial paralysis.

The performer was upset, saying, “I will try everything to get better, but my disease is advancing. He claimed that Bieber’s right eye was closed and that he was unable to grin or open his right eye.

He obviously got better, and he made the decision to resume performance gradually.

This Wednesday, Justin will perform in Denmark’s Dyrehaven in Skanderborg as part of his seven-leg, 130-date Justice World Tour.


On September 14, Bieber and Baldwin will commemorate four years of blissful marriage. They first connected at his 2009 concert meet-and-greet.