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In GTA Grand Theft Auto Online, A Straightforward Command Might Result In Players Losing The Cars They’ve Devoted A Lot Of Time To Collecting Permanently

Players of GTA Online have numerous opportunities to collect an array of vehicles, from motorcycles and cars to helicopters and fighter jets. Garages and hangars in GTA Online can be used to keep these vehicles, but there is a limited amount of room, and this is where issues might start.

The interface and options in the game are causing an issue that frequently leads to the loss of one of these expensive automobiles, as discussed by GTA Online gamers. Unfortunately, although the problem has been around for a while, players have limited recourse because it keeps causing cars to vanish.

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Players who buy or otherwise obtain a new car that needs to be stored will run into the relevant GTA Online issue. Players can pick from one of their several garages when the option to keep a vehicle is presented. However, if the game tries to store a car in a garage and there isn’t enough room for it, a message asks the player to “replace” the old car with the new one or put the new one in a different garage with empty slots.

Unfortunately, the phrasing used here to describe “replacing” an automobile makes many players think they are essentially switching vehicles mistakenly. For example, Reddit users talked about how they anticipated their current vehicle to either be left off nearby so they could relocate it to a new location themselves or be moved to a new garage. Instead, the chosen car is entirely removed from the player’s account; however, neither of the two possibilities is the case.

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Players often have a lot of trouble accidentally deleting vehicles. For example, in GTA Online, purchasing a new car can cost millions of in-game GTA$, which means that gamers would either have to spend a lot of time grinding to acquire money or pay real money to replace the car.