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In Addition To Rick And Morty, MultiVersus Has Several Other Surprise Character Introductions Planned As Part Of Its Season 1 Release

The first season of MultiVersus is almost here. The most significant update to MultiVersus yet will be released tomorrow. With Morty and Rick to come later in the season, the update will include the first comprehensive MultiVersus fight pass. However, MultiVersus users can also expect some surprises from developer Player First Games.

This Sunday, Tony Huynh, the director of the MultiVersus video game, tweeted some updates to players eager for Season 1. According to him, a new login page will be displayed as part of the Season 1 upgrade on Monday.

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In addition, the current MultiVersus loading screen displays a cloud from which bits of each launch character protrude and are likely known to players. A few illustrations include the ears of Bugs Bunny, Wonder Woman’s shield, Shaggy’s hand, lunch, and Jake the Dog’s stretched arm. When MultiVersus first started, this artwork was used to tease the lineup.

Naturally, the idea of a new loading screen should indicate what kind of surprise MultiVersus players can expect. In any case, Huynh goes ahead and confirms it. According to him, a “look at certain future undisclosed characters” will be available on the new loading screen. For example, a new cloud indicating a fight will likely appear with various people’s limbs, legs, and weapons jutting out, or Player First Games will take a different but related approach.

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Another affirmation from Huynh is that these character revelations will occur during MultiVersus Season 1, not merely as an eventual launch in MultiVersus. Thus, Season 1 of Rick and Morty will also feature several other characters that Player First plans to release. That could indicate more or as few as two additional characters. Players of MultiVersus should be pretty excited about up to four new characters, including Rick and Morty.

MultiVersus Season 1 starts on Monday; then, another patch will be on Wednesday. In addition, the MultiVersus cast will grow with the addition of Morty on August 23, a character from yet another brand-new series.