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In A Throwback Thanksgiving Picture, Elon Musk Admits That He Cuts His Own Hair And That Of His Son X AE A-XII Musk

Elon Musk has recently been the center of the public’s attention. The billionaire occasionally provides justifications for talking about himself.

Fans first talked about his split from singer Grimes, then their second child was born via surrogate, and then a true controversy broke out as a result of Twitter’s acquisition. But that was just the start.

This summer, a number of additional details from Ilon’s biography came to light and tarnished the businessman’s reputation. He first acknowledged that he had a casual relationship with a worker at his company.

Second, Musk’s affair with the wife of his close friend Sergey Brin was revealed to the journalists of the venerable newspaper WSJ. Both sides do indeed dispute this.

Elon likely made the decision to put his biting remarks on hold for the time being and limit the content he shares on his Twitter profile to that which is certain to elicit positive feedback.

Consequently, a rare picture of the world’s richest man’s adult son Ax surfaced on his blog. The youngster himself did draw a lot less notice than his haircut, it’s true.

Musk jokingly said, “Thanksgiving last year after watching too many Vikings. In response to one of his admirers, he added that in addition to tonsured both himself and his kid. I recall that internet users actively condemned this hairdo. Grimes discussed Musk’s bond with their son in a detailed cover story for Vanity Fair in March.

She said of her son being in the public glare, “I just feel like kids need to keep out of it whatever is going on with family problems, and X is just out there.”


“I mean, I believe that Elon truly views him as a protégé and brings him everywhere.… X is present, “She went on. “That’s how his circumstance is.”