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In a Southern California Hotel, Armie Hammer Was Photographed By The Pool With Some Fresh Piercings On His Arm And Chest

The actor, who had been residing in the Cayman Islands since his “cannibal” disgrace, was photographed Tuesday by the pool area in Southern California flashing some usually undiscovered tattoos.

The alchemical emblems for air and water are now visible on Hammer, 35, as a massive upside-down triangle in the center of his chest and a second triangle on one of his arms.

After his former wife, Elizabeth Chambers , filed for separation in 2020, the “Call Me By Your Name” star allegedly had five tattoos in quick succession, adding to his growing collection of tattoos.

According to Vanity Fair, these tattoos include an overview of the Cayman Islands above his knee, a heart that was marked at Kaia Gerber’s birthday celebration to match two teen boys’, the alphabet “E.G.B.A.,” which stands for

“Everything’s going to be alright,” and the word “chaos” because he desires his life to be chaotic. Hammer spent over nine months in a Florida rehab facility in 2021 after many women reported him of sexual and psychological assault.

He has branded the accusations “bulls—t,” and according to his attorney, Mr. Hammer “has claimed that all of his contacts [with intimate activity] have been totally consenting, planned and agreed upon in advance, and equally participating” from the very beginning.

About Wednesday, the first teaser for a controversial new documentary on the actor and his family’s history was made public. In it, some of Hammer’s alleged perpetrators disclose voice recordings and texts the celebrity allegedly sent them.

The first episode of the three-part series, “House of Hammer,” airs on Discovery+ on September 2.

“House of Hammer,” a three-part documentary, looks at allegations against Hammer, which he has categorically and consistently rejected through lawyers. The allegations include messages he reportedly sent to women about his cannibalistic desires and sexual proclivities, which his victims claim was violent.