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In A Humorous Video, A Player Of Elden Ring Can Be Seen Acting Out The Game’s Boss And Interesting Character Patches In Which They Are Having A Lot Of Fun

Elden Ring, which debuted in February, has attained incredible success and is often recognized as the best game of the year. Due to its jaw-dropping battles with more than 150 enemies, the action role-playing game by FromSoftware is hailed as one of the most challenging video games ever created. Millions of people worldwide are fans of several of these Elden Ring bosses, including Melania – Blade of Miquella, Rennala, and Starscourge Radahn.

In addition, the game’s PvP mode offers players the constant opportunity to challenge and engage in direct conflict. Direct conflict, conquering another player’s realm, and cooperative play are the three choices available to players. Although players frequently use sophisticated tactics in PvP encounters, their plans often fail, as in the example of the Elden Ring player who applied many buffs but still lost the fight very quickly.

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The avatars of players like Reddit user AnakinSkywalker76 are based on recognizable figures from Elden Ring’s narrative. Like Patches, the player character from Elden Ring is depicted in a brief video published on social media by AnakinSkywalker76. Furthermore, the movie virtually recreates a well-known moment from Patches’ quest line where he deceives the player and throws them off a cliff.

Shiny objects are sometimes seen close to a precipice to entice people, just like in the famous scene. Unexpectedly, another player named Recusant Yokino fell for this ruse and went up to the bright things when the original poster assaulted them. In almost replicating the game’s scene, the Recusant promptly dove to their death.

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Patches serve as an NPC, a merchant, and an optional boss in Elden Ring. In addition, patches frequently assume the role of a traitor or liar in video games created by FromSoftware. Elden Ring is supported on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.