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Ice-T Remembers His Troubled Past Before He Got Into Hollywood And How It Impacted Him

Ice-T is probably one of the most famous rappers in the world. He’s put out many new tracks into the world and his fans adore his style. He’s also one of the most famous actors of our time as he’s best known for his role in “Law And Order: SVU”.

It’s been more than 20 years since he’s been acting on that show. He’s known for having the longest run for a black actor on a TV show. However, even with his current fame, he didn’t always have it so easy. Back before he got into Hollywood, he claims he was a street hustler. He also admitted to being a criminal back in that time with his childhood friend Spike.

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In an interview, he mentioned that before music they had been in trouble countless times before. The two have written a book together which warns people of the impact of the decisions they may make. The name of their new book is “Split Decision: Life Stories” and recounts all of their life decisions and how they impacted them in the long run.

This book also recounts a time when Spike went a little too far and served 26 years in prison. Spike himself states that he had been charged with a mastermind of conspiracy. He had given information to two groups which further led to two jewelry store robberies. In the crimes that were committed, one person lost their life.

After that, Spike stated that even though he had not gone in, he was still as accountable as the others and he decided to take responsibility for his actions.

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When Ice-T was asked how he felt about his friend going behind bars, he said that it had been normal for him. They were in the streets and jail time was normal. However, after the incident, Spike did decide to turn his life around and warn others of the wrongdoings that they could potentially do.

Ice also mentioned that no one should give up on someone because people do tend to change and grow with passing time. He mentioned that making the right choices saves a lot of people even though they might not realise it at the time.