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Hyenas, A New Game From Creative Assembly, The Makers Of Alien Isolation And Total War, Has Leaked Some Of Its Gameplay Online

Although the Total War series and Alien: Isolation may be where developer Creative Assembly is most known, it also seems that the firm constantly explores other genres and gameplay concepts rather than sticking to developing games that are the same. The most recent game from Creative Assembly, a multiplayer team-based shooter, called Hyenas, appears to be unlike anything else the developer has ever made.

A heist against some of the wealthiest people in space is what the first-person shooter throws three teams of five players against one another to accomplish.

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Gamers have frequently encountered objective-based, competitive gameplay. For example, players can secure a payload or seize sites in Overwatch 2. However, Creative Assembly promised players that Hyenas would deliver a fresh multiplayer shooter experience and previewed an early build of the game to a small group of players in a restricted alpha test. All test participants were asked to keep any information concerning hyenas to themselves.

In general, the alpha test appeared to go smoothly since players refrained from filming and posting what they saw online. However, the alpha gameplay of Hyenas was recently shown in a YouTube video that has since been removed. Nevertheless, fans could watch a little over an hour’s worth of game footage, including clips from a few matches and a public display of the game’s alpha-stage aesthetics.

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Creative Assembly first hinted at the new shooter in a magazine interview before Hyenas was finally revealed in June. The game’s release date has been tentatively scheduled for 2023, but some fans now think that the gameplay leak could mean that Hyenas could launch earlier than later in 2019. Nevertheless, fans will have to wait and see if a Hyenas beta or full release is scheduled for soon until Creative Assembly confirms anything about the game.

Even though several of the large titles scheduled for 2023 were originally scheduled for release in 2022 but were delayed, 2023 already seems to be a promising year for video games.