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Hogwarts Legacy Will Not Debut On The Nintendo Switch Until February 2023

Hogwarts Legacy will debut on February 10, 2023, for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The release day for the Nintendo Switch will shortly be made public.

The crew is eager for you to participate, but we require a bit more time in order to provide the finest playing experience.

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Chandler Wood, the game’s community manager, said in a clip uploaded to Avalanche’s account: “You could be sad that the game has been delayed out of 2022, but we’re thrilled to finally give you a launch date you can look forward more to.”

Hogwarts Legacy enthusiasts have been scouring old videos and the game’s website in an effort to unearth any new info, despite the fact that actual announcement has been difficult to come by.

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One enthusiast even discovered the details of the Collectors and Deluxe Editions of the game by accessing backup data on the Hogwarts Legacy website.

The open-world role-playing game, which was created by Avalanche Software (Disney Infinity), is characterized as allowing players to “live the unspoken rule and make a start on a perilous journey to reveal a deep secret of the fantasy genre,” taking them beyond Hogwarts to both unfamiliar and acquainted locations.

Hogwarts Legacy was once planned to be launched in 2021 for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC under Warner’s Portkey Games imprint. However, Warner Bros. pushed out the game’s release date to 2022 last year. Now, the debut date is 2023.

The publisher acknowledged the revised launch date in a social media post thanking players for their “immense response” to the game’s launch last year.

According to the announcement, “developing the finest experience for all Wizarding World and gaming lovers is vital to us, so we are providing the game the time it requires.”