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Hard West 2, A Fantastical Turn-Based Western, Is Now Available For PC

According to Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer Ice Code Games, the ethereal turn-based western Hard West 2 is now available on PC on Steam and GOG.

You assume the character of renowned robber Gene Carter, a legend of the Wild West, in Hard West 2. The hero selects a significant robbery of the Ghost Train locomotive with the help of his cohorts.

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The protagonists are dragged into a sequence of mysterious happenings, but the name of the train is not accidental; now, in order to redeem their souls, they must carry out the instructions of the Devil himself. Along the route, they will run into a number of witches and demons in addition to regular robbers.

The traditional solid turn-based tactical gameplay is enhanced in Hard West 2 with incredibly violent features. There are various methods to go on the offensive depending on how your gang is put together, and taking a chance on offensive strategies can pay off handsomely.

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Each kill fully restores action points and triggers a fresh “bravado” system. Consequently, a well-planned string of bravados destroys opponent troops like an unstoppable steam engine.

Experienced players can thin down the enemy lines with deft placement before they have a chance to launch a counterattack.

Even seemingly insignificant choices can have far-reaching effects, and clever choices and strategic thinking are always rewarded.

Each member of Carter’s posse has special talents of their own, with new ones becoming available as they level up and gain confidence in him.

Sticks of dynamite and other abilities can be combined for the game’s many combat situations, such as the ability to switch places with an adversary to acquire a better view position.

Its western environment is plagued by otherworldly horrors on all sides, and even the protagonists’ particular talents have some sinister origins. Hard West 2 is a spin on the weird west genre.