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Grounded Will Officially End Early Access On September 27, According To A Statement From Obsidian

Obsidian Studio has confirmed the survival simulator Grounded‘s release date. On September 27 of this year, the game’s two-year Early Access run ends.

The final Early Access update for Survival included a modified version of the game’s weapon and armor upgrade system. In addition, homestretch, an additional feature currently banned, will be accessible closer to the final release.

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Since its first release, Grounded has amassed over 10 million users. Updates have added new bugs, crafting materials, and even a sizable pond with a giant Koi fish.

According to Brennecke, Grounded 1.0 will provide the most significant update yet. In addition, the plot for Grounded 1.0 is anticipated to be added, providing players missions with a purpose beyond merely living in the backyard.

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Also recently revealed was the animated TV series Grounded, which Star Wars will create: The Clone Wars writer Brent Friedman in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios.

On Xbox One, Xbox Series S, PC, and Xbox Series, X Grounded is presently playable in Early Access. It’s a part of Xbox Game Pass, just like other Xbox first-party titles are.

A game called Grounded is about young individuals who persevere. The initial version was essentially a survival simulator with progressively more complex dynamics. The creators guarantee that the game will include a full-fledged story campaign before it is released. A short while ago, it was revealed that Grounded was being filmed as an animated series.

In addition to being accessible in the upcoming Early Access period, Grounded is currently included in Game Pass. The idea drew more than 10 million players alone during early access.

Additionally, it means Microsoft may add another Xbox exclusive to its list of releases for this year rather than relying more frequently on Sony and Nintendo exclusives.

Obsidian has been working hard for Microsoft, and the action game Pentiment will also be available later in 2022.