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Great Gaming Moments Include Modifying Regulations. Red Alert Guns Will Now Fire Lightning, Says

Bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories are what make great PC gaming moments. Some mods take years to finish, making the underlying game so much better that it becomes the default setting or serves as the foundation for completely original content. The “TeslaZap” term is entered into a text file and saved in other mods, though. They both excel.

In this instance, I’m referring to an an.ini file, although an an.ini file is simply a text file intended to contain configuration variables that executables can access. .ini files are used by some PC games, especially older ones, to store information like the user’s control options, graphical settings, and game variables. It used to be a little exciting to discover “config.ini” in a game’s installation directory because it implied you might be able to change anything that wasn’t in the settings menu and you never knew what that might be. Naturally, there wasn’t much that was intriguing, but occasionally you’d get lucky.

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There isn’t a bigger.ini jackpot that I can think of than the one that Command & Conquer: Red Alert players found. Its name is “rules.ini,” and it’s a unique configuration file that provides all of the key game variables, structures, and troops in Red Alert. As a child, I can’t think of anything that pleased me more than learning that my favorite game had a file with the line “OreExplosive=no” and that it was possible to alter that “no” to a “yes.”

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the guidelines of Red Alert. Ini allows you to make all naval units free or make weapons shoot lightning. Even brand-new units can be created. I devoted hours to devising a way to make planes engage in futile dogfights with one another. Players of Red Alert would exchange their rules. If you possessed identical copies of the ini files, you could play networked games against one another using the altered rules. We sent regulations that were altered for many happy hours. back and forth using ini files