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Goro Majima And Kazuma Kiryu Are Replaced With The Yakuza 0 Mod. The Arbiter And Master Chief From Halo

In a fantastic new version, modder Kashiiera swaps over Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima for Master Chief and the Arbiter from Halo.

According to Eurogamer, you can experience the whole of Yakuza 0 as Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, one of the most well-known video game characters, by downloading the mod Master Chief From Halo 3, which is accessible on NexusMods.

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In addition to showing Master Chief battling his manner through Kamurocho rather than Kazuma Kiryu, Kashiiera posted a number of videos of the mod in action on Twitter. One particularly charming footage captures Master Chief and the Arbiter waltz to Friday Evening rather than Kiryu and Majima.

Despite still being a project in progress and lagging behind Master Chief, the mod’s main emphasis, The Arbiter, may also be seen engaging in street combat in Kamurocho. In any case, it’s a striking and original new approach to playing Yakuza 0.

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They have a tonne of modifications that introduce weaponry from one Halo game into the other, such as the Classic CE Magnum from Halo: Combat Evolved into Halo 4, the Flamethrower from Halo 1 to Halo 2, and much more. If Kashiiera’s patch so encouraged you to go into the real world where Master Chief genuinely resides.

Check out this article on which Yakuza game to play initially if you’re not familiar with Kazuma Kiryu or the Yakuza series.

On the PS4, there are presently seven (7) Yakuza games, and more are on the way. Three of those games have already appeared on PC, and we recently learned that they would also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

That’s a large number of games, and it might put some people off! The great news is that it’s not as difficult to determine which game belongs, as you may assume.