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‘Good Girls’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

An unfinished story. After Good Girls unexpectedly ended its time on NBC, the cast and the fans have continued to show their love for the series.

The crime drama, which premiered in February 2018, explored the lives of three suburban mothers as they attempted to make more money to take care of their families. After deciding to rob a supermarket, the group of friends get caught up in various heists connected to a local gang.

As season 4 aired, the cast hinted that Good Girls was at risk of coming to an end. “We would like very much to not get cancelled,” Mae Whitman wrote via Instagram in May 2021. “Apparently, we are on the bubble — which means [NBC’s] considering not bringing us back [for Season 5].”

She added: “Let NBC and Netflix know how much you love us. Thank you Good Girls Army. I love you.”

One month later, the Duff actress confirmed that the series would not be returning to wrap up its story. “Feel too sad and confused to look at phone but just a little look back at some of the best times with my girls,” Whitman wrote via Instagram Story in June 2021. “Love my pals on this cast so much and love you guys who loved the show. It was such a joy being Annie and I’m forever grateful to you for supporting us. K me go cry now.”

Following the shocking cancelation, Christina Hendricks weighed in on the show’s future. “[NBC] told us we were going to get picked up and then two weeks later yanked it out from underneath us and took it away from us,” Hendricks claimed during an interview with People, noting that Good Girls was “failed massively” by the network. “It was quirky and weird and smart and they kind of made it just look like a sitcom.”

Matthew Lillard, for his part, gushed about his time on the show. “That job to me was a dream. I was gonna direct next season. We were shooting in L.A., obviously I have three kids and being in L.A. is such a gift,” he exclusively told Us Weekly in June 2022. “I love the creators. I love playing a character that’s super flawed and has a chance to come back and sort of redeem himself over the generations of the show over the seasons of the show.”

For the actor, saying goodbye to Good Girls after four seasons was “heartbreaking.” “I think [it was] for everyone, I think for all the women involved,” he added at the time. “Strong women led by a strong female producer, and it just fell between the cracks of Hollywood business. And it was really a bummer.”

After fans started to question if the show ended because of costar issues, Retta confirmed that not everyone was on the same page.

“One person ruined it for all of cast and crew and so it’s not back,” she claimed during an appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan in July 2022. “Trust me, Kelly, I’m salty!”

The Parks and Recreation alum explained that it seemingly wasn’t possible to have a fifth season without the unmentioned costar. “I think it was a little too close to when [the writers] would have to start [season 5 scripts] and figure out story, so … no,” she said, before pitching the idea she had for the show. “I was literally like, ‘OK, maybe there was a bomb scare at some point, and then a bomb actually went off, and that’s why that person’s gone.’”

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