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Future DLC Ideas Are Discussed BY Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s Producers

Stranger of Paradise is receiving a seasonal set of DLC, so the game’s unfavorable reaction hasn’t precluded any future ambitions The events of the first expansion set, “Trials of the Dragon King,” are a continuation of the story from the base game. Along with a narrative centered on the titular Dragon King, Bahamut, it offers players a collection of all-new objectives to complete. Along with these additions, the game will also have a variety of new roles, classes, and weapon types, including sabers. Director Daisuke Inoue of Stranger of Paradise recently spoke with Destructoid about the game’s future ambitions and fan requests.

When asked which bug for Stranger of Paradise had received the most requests, Inoue replied that the top three recommendations were for three different things. First, fans expressed their need for more “Final Fantasy elements” and “material worthy of a challenge” in their remarks. He points out that the inclusion of the Warrior of Light, Bahamut, and Gilgamesh in the expansion addresses these two issues, which he adds saw favorable reactions.

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Character customization was fans’ most frequently requested feature for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. He observes that specific character builds are more popular among fans than other in-game vocations and are utilized far more frequently. According to Inoue, he is collaborating with the Team Ninja development team to find solutions to these problems. He adds that Team Ninja has heard these similar desires and plans to incorporate Final Fantasy and RPG gameplay aspects into the action gameplay.

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Inoue mentions criticism of Final Fantasy Origin’s dramatic and sudden story shifts. But, on the other hand, the additional DLC will follow a more broad narrative arc, which, according to him, will be comparable to the foundation that Final Fantasy Origin has established.