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From Inside Angelina Jolie’s Never-Ending Barrage Of Criticisms Of Brad Pitt

The world was shocked six years ago when Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt , and that date will be remembered next month.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were among the most attractive and well-known spouses in Hollywood at the turn of the century.

It seems like there was no way that this story of love could go wrong. The actress surprisingly filed for separation from her spouse in 2016, though. Their protracted lawsuit for the care of six shared children started at the same time.

Brad didn’t successfully insist on shared custody as Of may of last year. The judge ruled in his favor. Yet, the ex-spouses’ legal disputes continued.

They are currently working to find solutions to problems relating to Angelina’s selling off her Chateau Miraval stock. Additionally, several sources claim that not everything has been determined in the custody dispute. The actress might be persuasive.

Web users are attempting to understand why Angelina makes every effort in her power to make her ex-life partner as difficult as possible.

Following the court’s ruling, sources told The Post that Jolie would not sign a shared custody deal. He would never get the chance to visit the kids without restriction, the insider claimed.

Pitt’s pal is certain that “many claims that she will not quiet down till all their children are of age.” He is adamant that the fight between the former is not likely to end soon.

Everything is at a halt, according to a different source acquainted with the situation. The previous year was truly unpredictable.

A lengthy, intricate court ruling awarded Brad 50/50 custody. The decision was then overturned by the appellate court on the grounds that it had nothing to do with the case’s actual merits.

“The separation agreement was not related to the internal conflict between the judges and the independent judges in California. The issue was a technicality. Right now, the situation is unknown.