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For A Date, Rihanna Wore An Oversized Sweater And Expensive Clogs And Looked Stunning

On Tuesday, Rihanna opted for jock-chic by donning an enormous football jersey for a date night with A$AP Rocky .

The pop artist, however, is accessorized with chic Adidas x Gucci clogs ($1,250) rather than wearing a functional pair of sports sneakers with her vintage TLC top.

With a pair of eye-catching, fall-appropriate checkered Marni slacks ($1,190), white Prada sunglasses ($475), and a vintage Tom Ford for Gucci “Anaconda” purse with a bamboo handle, Rihanna completed her effortlessly cool look.

The founder of Fenty Beauty kept her makeup basic with an overlined lip. She recently released a makeup collaboration with ketchup as the motif.

Rocky, 33, went for a similarly casual look, donning a baseball cap, blue Gucci slacks priced at $1,300, and an oversized white T-shirt. Since the couple bore their kid in May, they have made frequent appearances out on the town wearing attire that is not typical of newlyweds.

For a recent dinner at the trendy Carbone restaurant in New York City, Rihanna wore a cone bra and lace-up leggings. She also flaunted thigh-high boots on another jaunt in Manhattan. Rihanna and Rocky, on the other hand, like to spend most of their time at their son’s side.

A source informed Us Weekly that “they hardly ever leave their baby’s side.” Out of concern for his safety and wanting to keep him hidden from the public, for the time being, they are being very quiet about their newborn. They both feel incredibly fortunate and are ecstatic.

In a previous post, A$AP Relli, a former friend and “gang mate” who accuses the rapper of shooting him, may soon file a civil complaint against A$AP Rocky.

The 33-year-old “Praise the Lord” hitmaker was detained and placed under arrest just months prior for his suspected role in a shooting on November 6, 2021.

A$AP Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, was charged and arrested with assault using a deadly weapon in April after landing in Los Angeles following a trip with his girlfriend, Rihanna.