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Following The Release Of The Actress’s Pay For The Movie ‘Barbie’ Margot Robbie Was Named The Highest-Paid Actress In Hollywood

And even though Margot Robbie has frequently acknowledged her concerns, her profession is still on the rise. As a result, the 32-year-old Australian actress will be paid $12.5 million for playing the lead in Greta Gerwig’s movie.

And this is not shocking, as Margot Robbie is the ideal candidate to change into a beloved Barbie doll. She is a Hollywood blonde with a wide smile. Her Ken and part-time performer Ryan Gosling earned the same payment amount. Therefore it’s important to note that their roles are entirely interchangeable.

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Other high-paid competitors of the main characters include Tom Cruise, who earned $100 million for the action film Top Gun: Maverick; Denzel Washington, who earned $20 million for The Equalizer 3; and Leonardo DiCaprio, who earned $30 million.

Regarding Margot’s Peers, Millie Bobby Brown received $ 10 million for a brand-new Netflix streaming movie called Enola Holmes 2. Robbie paid the same sum for the 2020 Harley Quinn film Birds of Prey.

She will soon have to recount the tale of a doll expelled from Barbieland because it was not beautiful enough.

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In a previous post, At the Top Gun: Maverick premiere in Cannes on Wednesday night, festival attendees made it obvious they felt Tom Cruise was fantastic even before the closing sequence began. After receiving the “surprise” Palme d’Or, the actor was given a standing ovation, which caught him off guard.

After delivering some animated opening remarks, he earned another round of applause. Eight fighter aircraft flew over the coast at that exact time, painting the sky in the French and American flags’ respective colors of red, white, and blue. This marked the end of a day devoted to celebrating Tom Cruise’s brilliance.

It should be noted that the audience and Tom himself have been anticipating this holiday for a long time. It was planned for Top Gun: Maverick to premiere in 2019.


However, after moving the premiere to 2020 so that Cruise could focus on the special effects, the epidemic struck, upsetting the plans of many businesses.