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Following A Terrible Vehicle Incident, Anne Heche Died At The Age Of 53

Page Six can reveal that Anne Heche passed away on Friday at the age of 53, suffering her terrible car accident last week.

“We have lost a shining example, a great mother, a devoted friend, and a caring and joyous soul. Heche’s representative told Page Six, “Anne will be greatly missed, but she lives on via her gorgeous sons, her legendary collection of work, and her ardent activism.

“She will remain to have a significant influence because of her courage in always speaking the truth and sharing her message of unconditional love and acceptance.”

Heche was formally declared brain dead earlier on Friday, according to Heche’s team, but physicians kept her heart alive so that One Legacy could decide whether she is a match for organ transplants.

On August 5, Heche slammed her blue Mini Cooper into a house in Los Angeles; she never recovered wake. Her representative stated on August 11 that the actress had “suffered a catastrophic anoxic brain injury” and that she was “not expected to recover.

Heche was in severe condition following the collision and soon after went into a coma. Her spokeswoman told Page Six that she had long chosen to give her organs.

She was “in dreadful condition,” according to Heche’s “close friend,” who told the Daily Mail on August 11 that the smoke inhalation was “life-threatening.”

The buddy felt that “only God” could “rescue her” and asked that people “keep praying” for the actress. The Los Angeles Police Department apparently discovered that Heche was under the effects of drugs at the time of the crash after getting a warrant to test her blood.

According to law enforcement officials who spoke to TMZ, the actress’ blood test results also showed fentanyl use.

They did issue a warning, though, that Heche might have received fentanyl in the hospital to help with the management of her post-accident pain.