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Florence Pugh Denounces Olivia Wilde’s Relationship With 28-Year-Old Harry Styles

With their brand-new movie, Don’t Worry, Sunny, set to premiere at the prestigious Venice Film Festival in just a few weeks, Olivia Wilde and her adored lover Harry Styles will walk the red carpet.

As one of the most intelligent young women in Hollywood, the actor’s coworker Florence Pugh will also be there.

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The 26-year-old actress and 38-year-old Wilde allegedly had a falling out because the actress did not approve of the director’s friendship with the aspiring musician, according to the press.

I can say that Flo was not happy to see Olivia and Harry on set because the director was still dating Jason when she initially started seeing Harry.

Olivia and Jason got married in 2012 and are currently raising Otis, 8, and Daisy, 5, together. However, the pair did announce their divorce in November 2020, and it turned out that Olivia was to blame.

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When the couple split up, the tabloids cited Wilde’s friendship with Harry as the primary factor. In addition, an insider claimed that the month-long romance caused severe distress for her legal husband.

An insider added last week, “I think it made folks feel a little uncomfortable when Jason and the kids visited Olivia a couple of times on set.

The fact that Pugh did not like the post with the original trailer for the movie raises suspicions among internet spies, who naturally find many things suspect. This is especially true in a field where stars actively use social media.

Additionally, the actress disregarded Olivia’s own photo that was published alongside her admiration for Florence’s inspirational work. Instead, pugh is content to share other work with the audience while doing so.


We still have reservations about the premiere, though, as we wait for the tale of a 1950s housewife who discovers the unsettling reality of her perfect existence as her devoted husband, played by Styles, also keeps awful secrets from her.