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‘FBOY Island’ Couples: Who Is Still Together and Who Broke Up?

Finding love has its challenges. Since the premiere of FBOY Island in 2021, fans have wondered whether a $100,000 cash prize is the right motivation for couples to find their match.

The HBO Max reality series introduces three women who had to choose a partner out of 24 men. Out of the pool of suitors, half of them are self-proclaimed nice guys while the others are “fboys” who aren’t interested in love — but rather the prize at the end of the competition.

After the show’s debut, host Nikki Glaser opened up about the idea behind the series and how the group of men are chosen. “I think the real discrepancy between an fboy and a nice guy is not a guy who likes to have lots of sex versus a guy who only wants to have sex with one woman,” she noted during an interview with Men’s Health in August 2021. “The difference is a guy that likes to have a lot of sex and lies to get it, and the guy that doesn’t lie.”

Glaser also praised the women for staying committed to the goal of finding a partner. “That is part of what these reality shows need to be. In order for love to blossom this fast, to get as much drama and tumultuousness that a real relationship would have over the course of years — you’re putting a relationship into a pressure cooker — you need to make it so these people are constantly dating,” she shared. “Constantly talking about dating, and do nothing else except eat, sleep, and talk about boys.”

For the Ohio native, watching from the sidelines made her appreciate the reality stars more.

“The girls worked harder than anyone. I was very obsessed with them getting enough sleep and being taken care of, because I wasn’t really able to talk to them off camera. They didn’t want me to possibly slip some information, even though I didn’t have any,” Glaser recalled. “At one point, I slipped them notes like I was in high school and folded them into little origami shapes to just check in with them and say like, ‘Hey, if this is too much, here’s my hotel number. Try to find me and let’s talk.’ The whole cast was eating, sleeping, and drinking the show, whereas I had a lot more downtime.”

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