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Even Though Starfield Is Being Created In An Engine That Is More Than Ten Years Old, A YouTuber Demonstrates The Advancements Since Skyrim

Bethesda has been creating video games using its own engine for more than ten years, including Skyrim, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, and Starfield.

Fans might be a little worried regarding its use for the creation of the upcoming epic sci-fi RPG, given the age of the aforementioned engine and the reality that some do not think it is the greatest engine for game design.

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A recent video, however, examines certain features of the most recent iteration of the program and demonstrates how Bethesda’s engine has been enhanced for Starfield.

Colteastwood, a YouTuber and podcaster, claims that the Creation Engine 2.0 and its important new add-on application bundles for the Xbox Series X/S and PC have seen significant improvements to the engine, pipeline, and AI, physics, and aesthetics.

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Regardless of its age, the technology has been modified to comply with more contemporary design methods, allowing it to incorporate fresh concepts that weren’t feasible in earlier Bethesda titles.

With the help of this edition of the Creation Engine, it is feasible to include moving spaceships in the game as well as provide players the ability to customize their crew and the game’s world.

Havok is supported by Creation Engine 2.0 to provide lifelike physics-based animations for natural and fluent character movement. Upgrades have made it possible to give character faces and emotions even greater depth, natural shape, and authenticity.

Players can interact with a vast number of NPCs in Bethesda’s massively scaled Starfield by using completely 3D sculpted unique hand animated character faces with procedural lip synchronization. Performance capture utilizing real actors is not used by any of the NPCs in the game.

Starfield’s postponement into next year is unfortunate, but it does make it one of the most eagerly awaited titles of 2023, alongside Resident Evil 4 Remastered and Street Fighter 6.

The fact that Bethesda is releasing a new IP that isn’t an Elder Scrolls or Fallout entry is also appealing to many people. Let’s hope the wait is ultimately worthwhile.