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Euphoria Actor Angus Cloud, Who Plays Fezco, Addressed The Mark On His Head, Saying, I Cracked My Skull

The 24-year-old actor, who portrays drug smuggler Fezco in the HBO series Euphoria , said in a Wednesday conversation with Variety that he suffered a horrific accident as a teenager in 2013 that left him with a cracked skull.

He acknowledged the noticeable scar on his head by telling the newspaper that it was real. “On Friday the thirteenth, I cracked my head.”

According to Cloud, he was in Oakland, California, alone at night, going home when he slipped into a work hole.

He added that he suffered internal bleeding in his skull and shattered fingers and remarked, “I woke up 12 hours later at the bottom.”

“I was confined. They wouldn’t be able to find me down there, though,” Cloud remarked. “I discovered myself. Whatever you prefer to call it God discovered me.

He went into “emergency mode” and crawled out of the pit after realizing he would have to drag himself up out of it before riding a bus back to his mother’s house. The actor said, “She believed I was on narcotics, ’cause my eyes were hella swollen.” He said his mother kept him conscious and had him consume some water.

I began vomiting mouthfuls of horrendous bright red blood, said Cloud. My life was saved in the children’s hospital when my mother brought me there. That is what caused the mark.

After cutting up my head and stitching me back together, they placed a plate and screws over the spot where I had fractured my skull.

In Euphoria, Cloud’s character Fezco accidentally hits his grandma with a crowbar as he attempts to break up a quarrel. The wound is cited as the reason Fez dropped out of high school and could clarify why the persona speaks slowly and occasionally haltingly.

Cloud claimed that he occasionally had the sensation. I combine the front and rear of one word with the next, he admitted. So I’m going to scramble two words together. mix match.”