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Eric Dane and Estranged Wife Rebecca Gayheart’s Relationship Timeline

Still a family. Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart have been candid about how their relationship changed in the wake of their 2018 split.

The Grey’s Anatomy alum and the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress tied the knot in Las Vegas in 2004. When asked about how their romance began, Dane told Flaunt magazine in 2008, “It’s probably one of the least interesting stories in the world. It went basically like this: ‘You wanna go out?’ ‘Yeah, sure.’ Ten months later, we were married.”

The Euphoria star and Gayheart welcomed their first child, daughter Billie, in March 2010. Billie became a big sister the following year when the pair’s second daughter, Georgia, was born.

“It’s like the estrogen mafia at my house,” Dane joked during a 2016 appearance on Harry Connick Jr.‘s talk show. “They’re great. … [Billie’s] named after my father. We — whether it was a boy or a girl, the firstborn was gonna be a Billy.”

The twosome kept their children relatively far from the spotlight over the years before Gayheart filed for divorce in February 2018. Later that year, the Scream 2 star opened up about adjusting to coparenting with Dane.

“We’re doing our best. It isn’t easy,” the Kentucky native exclusively told Us Weekly in October 2018.

At the time, Gayheart noted that she felt empowered after ending her 14-year marriage. “I think that as a female you need to be able to always take care of yourself and never depend on a man,” she explained. “I’m going back to work and I think it’s partly because I want my daughters to see me work. I took some time off to have my kids. … A lot of little girls watch and they start fantasizing about Prince Charming [saving them]. I think that’s a message that’s very old fashioned.”

The pair’s breakup came nearly one year after the Charmed alum stepped away from filming TNT’s The Last Ship while battling depression. “Eric asked for a break to deal with personal issues,” Dane’s rep told Us in an April 2017 statement. “He suffers from depression and has asked for a few weeks of downtime and the producers kindly granted that request. He looks forward to returning.”

Three months later, the Wedding Wars star opened up about his mental health struggles on the Today show. “I was dealing with some depression, which was kind of odd to me,” he said in July 2017. “I felt very conflicted about it, because I didn’t feel like I had anything to be depressed about. … But it’s very real. And that was the scary thing — when you wake up and you’re like, ‘I don’t want to get out of bed.’”

He continued: “I’d dealt with depression throughout my life, and it was always manageable. I just felt, you know, everybody feels a little blue. … This just hit me like a truck. I had to take some time off. I went away, I took care of it and I’m feeling great.”

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