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Elon Musk’s Father, Errol Musk, Is Not Pleased With His Son

Even widespread acclaim cannot ensure that a person’s loved ones will embrace them. Clearly, the wealth and accomplishments of Tesla CEO Elon Musk are insufficient to satisfy his 76-year-old father, Errol.

The guy claimed he wasn’t proud of his son during an appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show because the family had “a lot in a long time” of accomplishments.

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“Your youngster is brilliant. You cannot take away from him his creations since they are so valuable and many. Are you proud of him? the presenter inquired.

According to Errol, he has frequently traveled the globe with his three children from his first marriage to May. “We did a lot of things together, and they saw a lot.

Elon, though, actually surpassed all expectations. It makes sense that he is frustrated with the progress. We have a tendency to think that way as a family; I know it seems odd. Errol stated, “He’s 50 now, but I still see him as a young child.

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The man’s 49-year-old son Kimbal, whom he believes is content because of his marriage to environmentalist Christian Wylie, is his greatest pride and delight, however. Dad is also concerned that Elon will never find a lover who will make sacrifices for him. It is difficult to find a woman who rejects what she is doing, he claimed.

Later on in the interview, Errol was questioned on recent pictures of his son that were shot when he was having fun with friends on a lavish yacht in Greece.


Elon’s father remarked, “Elon is quite well built, but he doesn’t eat well,” and suggested the billionaire take vitamins to help him shed pounds. In any event, it becomes obvious where the legs come from or rather, the TeslaX owner’s tenacious nature. The apple tree is still very close to the apple tree, for sure!