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Elon Musk’s Affair With Sergey Brin’s Wife, Nicole Shanahan According To Her Attorney, Is An Utter Falsehood

Even more so than the high-profile Twitter fiasco or his critical comments on social media, Elon Musk‘s successes in the love department have recently been the subject of intense discussion.

And, of course, the revelation that the businessman was responsible for breaking up his pal Sergey Brin‘s marriage to Nicole Shanahan only stoked curiosity about the private life of the world’s richest person.

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In December 2021, when Sergey learned of everything, Elon and Nicole allegedly stopped their brief relationship. They claim that an extramarital affair brought the Google founder’s divorce from his wife in January.

Furthermore, he reportedly ceased speaking with a businessman whose life he had before saved from ruin.

The first speaker on this subject was Elon himself. In order to demonstrate that he and Sergey are still friends, he uploaded a picture of the two of them from a recent party.

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Nicole didn’t say anything. It’s true that she favored speaking publicly with the assistance of her attorney.

The attorney emphasized to the Daily Mail reporters: “Make no mistake. Any claims that Nicole had a romance with Elon Musk are slanderous as well as pure lies.

Following up on his statement, the founder of Tesla asserted that the Journal had engaged in a “smear campaign” and that “none of the main individuals involved in these claimed misdoings were even interrogated!”

The Journal, however, reported that a lawyer for Brin refused to speak on the allegations.

After eight years of marriage, Brin divorced his first wife, 23andMe creator Anne Wojcicki, in June 2015. In recent months, Musk has been involved in a great deal of turmoil that has played out in the open.

Twitter is suing him because he pulled out of a deal to pay $44 billion to acquire the San Francisco-based social media business.

In Delaware Chancery Court, a five-day trial is set to start in October.