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Elden Ring And GTA 5 May Soon Be Available On Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a video game streaming service from Microsoft that uses Microsoft Cloud technology to broadcast games straight to a player’s preferred enabled device without the requirement for an Xbox console to obtain or play them.

A membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate currently includes the service, which had its official opening in September 2020.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is presently only able to broadcast cloud-enabled games but is a part of Xbox’s Game Pass collection. However, certain non-Title Pass game listings on the Xbox Games Store give the impression that this might change soon.

Microsoft had previously expressed a desire to expand the Xbox Cloud Gaming service to provide titles that gamers had purchased through the Xbox Game Store but were not included in Xbox Game Pass, and it had even hinted that this would occur later this year.

But as a Twitter user going by the handle Knoebelbroet just noted, Xbox Cloud Gaming beta data has already started appearing in the descriptions of some games on the Xbox Game Store, including Elden Ring and GTA 5.

Although this alert, it is still not feasible to stream these non-Game Pass titles because doing so will result in an error message while using the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

This would suggest that the data on cloud gaming is inaccurate or that it was included in these specific game specifications too soon. Apparently, Xbox was planning to make a public statement before these titles were made streamable.

The release of such a statement may be planned for an Xbox presentation at Gamescom in late August 2022, but it may be pushed forward now that users are aware of the several non-Game Pass games that feature Cloud Gaming beta emblems in their game details.

Red Dead Redemption 2 and a few other non-Game Pass titles that users might try to launch using Xbox Cloud Gaming were shown in snapshots by a Twitter user responding to Knoebelbroet’s tweet.