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Dylan O’Brien Has Made It Clear That He Will Not Be Returning For Teen Wolf: The Movie

The 2011 MTV series Teen Wolf had a huge following back in the day and it seems that the studio is trying to rake in some more of the profit because Teen Wolf is returning but in a cinematic format this time. Teen Wolf: The Movie has been confirmed to be released on Paramount+ in October of this year and many of the beloved characters from the show are confirmed to be taking on the same characters once again. Amongst those confirmed are, Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin who will be reprising their lead roles as Scott McCall and Derek Hale. Meanwhile, the likes of Holland Roden, Colton Haynes, Shelley Hennig, and Crystal Reed are also slated to return to the franchise.

Unfortunately for the fans though, one of the most fan-favorite characters from the show, Stiles Stilinski played by Dylan O’Brien will not be returning. There have been many rumors that the actor will be returning and Dylan has shut all of them down but just to put one final period to all of the rumors, Dylan spoke to Decider and made it clear that he feels he left his Teen Wolf character in a good place and returning just does not make sense to the actor.

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His exact quote is as follows:


“No, I’m sorry to report. I don’t know where those rumors come from! Yeah, oh my God San Diego Comic-Con… I was texting with, Tyler [Posey]—you know, with T-Pose—because Comic Con for us—I mean, we were first there when we were kids after we did the [Teen Wolf] pilot. I think we got put into Hall H by a random change of schedule or something. Obviously, we didn’t even come close to filling it. We were like, 18. Comic-Con is so stitched into our hearts, so it was so cool to see them back up there on a panel again, now doing the movie. It’s all happened so fast. It’s like so crazy to me that it already feels like it’s coming out. I love those guys. Tyler… it cannot be accurately stated like what we mean to each other, and what that show was for us. It was our school, it was our home, it was like so much for us. It’ll forever be incredibly meaningful to me. And it was tough to come to the decision that I came to, but I do think I came to the one that was most true to myself right now. And I can’t wait to watch it.”