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Dwayne The Rock Johnson Speaks About Possibility Of A DCEU And MCU Crossover At Some Point In The Future

The two biggest names in the world of comic books and superheroes are DC and Marvel and the two brands have been standing on opposite sides of the street for many decades. While the debates between which is better and which is worse are always heated and loaded with plenty of good arguments from both sides, what fans have always wanted to see is the two brands cross paths.

In the print media, it has happened, but in the modern media, the two brands have been adapted for the big screen with the names MCU and DCEU, and the possibility for a crossover at the moment is endless, at least that is the belief of one, Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson will be playing the incredibly popular DC comics character Black Adam in the upcoming Black Adam film which is set to be released on the 21st of October, but Dwayne, ever the futurist, already has his eyes set on the bigger picture, possibly the biggest picture of all.

“Across the street, we have the pantheon of superheroes and supervillains of Marvel. To me, they can not only exist, but they should, in my mind, cross paths one day,” said The Rock regarding the possibility of a DCEU and MCU possibility.

This isn’t the first time that Dwayne has talked about the possibility of a crossover between DC and Marvel. While promoting his movie called Red Notice, in which he stars alongside Ryan Reynolds who plays one of the most popular Marvel characters, Deadpool, Dwayne said this about making a crossover happen:

“We could make something happen, even if it is just for a moment.”

Hence, Dwayne who has always been a big picture guy and lived for the biggest moments seems to have his eyes set on the biggest picture of all.

The best thing about Dwayne’s comments is that he is right, the possibility is there, and the worst thing is that fans realize both of these big brands have plans charted up for years to come and they will not be tearing down their plans to make an INCREDIBLY difficult, albeit an incredibly demanded crossover event happen, that easily. Perhaps that day will come at some point in the future, but for now, fans are just excited to see Dwayne’s first appearance as Black Adam.