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Dua Lipa’s Fans Were Injured At Her Toronto Concert After Fireworks Were Set Off During Her Final Song

Dua Lipa is one of the biggest pop icons of our time. She’s a woman with determination and talent who’s truly making her name in the world with her fashion and her singing. Her style and personality have wowed fans and many of them look up to her for inspiration. Dua Lipa is known for her amazing concerts and performances as well.

However, during the final songs of one of her recent Toronto concerts, the whole thing was interrupted after several fireworks had been set off. Her show was at the Scotiabank Arena and had just been ending when a set of fireworks had been let off in the concert venue just before 11:45 pm.

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A Media Relations Officer with the Toronto Police named Constable Cindy Chung stated that three of the concertgoers had been treated after the fireworks had gone off. They had all thankfully only gotten minor injuries.

The happening incident had been so sudden that no one had been aware of it and had not been something within the show. Since the fireworks had happened at the end of her concert, many people had assumed it was just part of the show.

Those who had been in the pit were the most disturbed by the incident however no one else had been phased by it. Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment’s spokesperson has said that everyone attending the concert must pass through a metal detector before entering. The company also claims to have reached out to authorities about the incident to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

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In a statement, they said, “As one of the premier venues in North America, creating a safe and secure venue for every attendee at Scotiabank Arena is MLSE’s top priority and we immediately began working in cooperation with Toronto Police Services to fully investigate this reckless and dangerous act. As always, we thank Toronto Police Services, the on-site medical team, employees, and concert attendees for their swift support in responding to this incident.”

Dua herself has been very disturbed by everything that has happened. She reached out to the public with a sincere apology to those who had felt unsafe and scared during the incident.