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Dua Lipa Has Been Named Ambassador Of Kosovo; Her Hometown

Dua Lipa is one of the most happening people in the music industry right now and her amazing career just continues to grow as time goes on. She is a singer, a songwriter, a model, and one of the most demanded individuals in the industry at the moment. A collaboration with Dua Lipa is on everyone’s list right now whether it be artists, brands, or whoever.

Inspired by her success, her hometown of Kosovo has decided to make her the Ambassador of the little state in the Balkans. Kosova announced its independence from Serbia in 2008 and now continues to try to thrive even though its independence has not yet been recognized by Serbia.

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Dua Lipa announced the honor she received on Twitter in the following words:

“Yesterday afternoon I was awarded the title of Honourary Ambassador of Kosovo by our Madame President #VjosaOsmani. It’s an honour and a privilege to be able to represent my country all over the world and to continue my work and efforts globally to see that we leave our mark . . . and make a difference.”

The President of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu wrote a letter to Dua Lipa in which she said:

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“The Future Nostalgia tour has sent waves across the music industry and the world, and you continue to make us immensely proud of your successes.”

The letter further added:

“Aside from being a world-class and a once-in-a-generation musician, you are also a role model for many girls and women across the world as a forthright and conscientious activist. But above all, what you have done for the people of Kosovo, in raising awareness of the Republic of Kosovo is unmatched and truly invaluable.”

Dua has indeed shown a lot of support for Kosovo over the years as her success has grown. On this occasion she wrote on Twitter:


“The youth of Kosovo deserves the right to visa liberalization, freedom to travel, and to dream big. Thank you 🇽🇰❤️.”