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Dua Lipa Expresses Regret For Any Harm Suffered By Fans During Her Concert

26-year-old Currently, one of the most well-known and promising new vocalists is Dua Lipa. Millions of people are her fans. The artist currently has a very full calendar of concerts as well.

Numerous thousands of people attend the star’s concerts. And even while Dua takes all precautions and closely watches over their security, accidents did happen.

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At the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto last Wednesday, Lipa gave a performance. Fireworks went off in the audience after the concert. It was entirely unanticipated. Journalists claim that three supporters were hurt as a result.

Dua obviously paid attention to this occurrence. Social media was used to contact her followers. “Last night, someone in the audience set off illegal fireworks during my concert in Toronto.

The artist highlighted that “making a safe and welcoming environment at my gigs has always been a primary concern. The staff and I are astonished and perplexed by the happenings, just like you all. She continued by saying that an inquiry was launched to determine the specifics of what occurred.

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“It has been an incredible experience for me to create this show. And I deeply regret that this concert was interrupted by an incident that made people feel unsafe and prevented them from enjoying it, Lipa stated.

Fireworks are not permitted, according to Scotiabank’s website. “Fans who are in possession of forbidden materials are denied access for their own safety. Items that are illegal will be given to Toronto Police.

The things will be taken away, and, in some situations, the fan may be removed from the building if they are discovered by a fan with prohibited objects within the facility, “the website claims.

Although it is unknown how the pyrotechnics managed to reach the arena, Toronto Police are currently looking into the matter.

The Future Nostalgia Tour is now underway by Dua Lipa in support of the album of the same name that will be published in 2020.