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Drake Brings Out Keshia Chanté At OVO Festival And Tells Audience She Was His First Girlfriend

Drake put on quite an emotional show at his annual OVO festival in Toronto, Canada as during his set he brought out popular Canadian singer Keshia Chanté and revealed to the raving crowd in attendance that the singer was Drake’s first ever real girlfriend. His exact words as he announced the arrival of the singer were as follows:

“This next person coming to the stage, I used to get in my mom’s car, and I used to drive all the way to the west for this one right here, you feel me? So I have to personally introduce her. This is my first girlfriend I ever had in my life.”

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The singer got on stage and was full of equal amounts of love and appreciation for the rapper as she complimented Drake’s braids.

“It’s the braids for me, Papi. Don’t he look good with braids tho?” said Keshia Chanté before taking the stage and performing some of her popular songs including “Unpredictable” and “Shook” all while Drake admired from the side of the stage.

From this encounter, it seems the once teen couple still has a bit of chemistry left as Keshia would later take to her social media and post the clip of Drake introducing her, and in the caption, she would write, “Aubs I love u for life.” Aubs is short Drake’s lesser-known real name, Aubrey.

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Drake is one of the biggest names in Hip Hop and one of the biggest names in the world of music altogether and has been associated with many equally big names romantically including one of the biggest pop stars of all time, Rihanna. However, despite the many flings and many more rumors, Drake continues to fly solo for now and doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to settle down.

Drake’s annual OVO fest lasted 3 days and in addition to Keshia, brought out many other Canadian names in music as well including singer and songwriter, Nelly Furtado who performed her incredibly popular songs such as “Promiscuous” and “Turn Off The Light.”