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Don’t Be A Surprisingly Good Officer In A Remarkably Awful Way. Entropy: Zero 2 In The Half-Life 2 Mod

Entropy: Zero 2, a very ambitious Half-Life 2 mega mod, allows you to play a campaign from the perspective of the Combine bad guys. Your role as the Bad Cop, the hero, and ally of the alien overlords, is to follow Gordon Freeman through Nova Prospekt prison before setting out to find Dr. Judith Mossman, a member of the resistance, in a chilly northern facility.

If you’ve played Half-Life 2, you probably already know how that works. In any case, you’ll spend roughly 7–10 hours playing through a startlingly intricate, fully narrated, and completely choreographed campaign. Sincerely, it has to do with the caliber of many games that, 20 or so years ago, we considered to be high- to medium-budget.

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Oh, and there is Portal mischiefs going on, as well as an Aperture scientific facility. You receive a turret ally. Wilson is obviously the name of the Portal turret companion, as everybody who has seen Tom Hanks in Castaway has got that idea permanently etched into their minds.

Entropy: Zero 2’s overhauls and recent additions to the tried-and-true Half-Life 2 combat paradigm are, without a doubt, its most striking feature. There are new foes, tools, and outcomes. There is a grenade that spits out strange Xen monsters in exchange for sending everything caught in it to Xen.

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You can lead squads of Combine, use manhack drones, and overall behave as if you sold your entire species for the benefit of a foreign master.

Officially, Entropy: Zero 2 is a follow-up to Breadman’s solo mod Entropy: Zero, one of the most well-liked and superior HL2 mods ever. With a larger staff and a far wider scope than the first one, this one is on a whole different scale. They really made it possible to operate the APCs from Half-Life 2. My favorite.

Both Entropy: Zero two and the Entropy: Zero genesis narrative for the Bad Cop video game are available on Steam.